. £500 donation to help replant trees attacked by vandals - Materials Recovery Ltd

£500 donation to help replant trees attacked by vandals

Materials Recovery Ltd has donated £500 to The Friends of Bilbrook after fruit trees were vandalised three times.

Employees from MRL planting a tree together with children watching in the background

Pic in Codsall in Jubilee Wood , a woodland created by the community and ‘Friends of Bilbrook’. They had been planting fruit trees in a community orchard but sadly a number of the trees have been vandalised, but company: Materials Recovery Ltd, have donated cash for new trees. At the front is L-R: Keri Lloyd from Friends of Bilbrook and Updesh Gidda from Materials Recovery Ltd, then at the back, also from Mat’ Rec’ ltd is: David Lloyd with local children: Jeremy Rose 11, Sadie Gidda 9, Joel Gidda 12 and Tilly Rose 9..

The Friends of Bilbrook planted 13 fruit trees but six have since been destroyed.

But Materials Recovery Limited has now handed £500 to the group, which will go towards the trees and also be spent on other projects.

Keri Lloyd, from The Friends of Bilbrook, said: “It will certainly pay for some of our trees but will pay for other projects too.

“We’ve had trees vandalised. We created a community orchard in our community woodlands, but we planted 13 fruit trees for people to help themselves to the fruit but six have been destroyed.

“Either they’ve been snapped or pulled out of the ground over three separate incidents.

“We’re not sure who does it but there is always littering so it’s probably the same people who decide to wreck everything.”

He said Materials Recovery Limited “gave us a lot of money, it’s very good.

“We can’t plant the trees until the winter now, but they had been growing quite a bit of blossom so we thought there might have been fruit this year.

“It was a huge disappointment to see they were vandalised and we’ve been having a rethink about where to put them.

“We’re a very active group, we do a lot of stuff, we’ve created a woodland which now needs management so it will pay for that.”